SELinux and Apparmor Overview

Mandatory Access Control (MAC) on Linux desktops

Motivation I’ve been using GNU/Linux distributions as my daily driver OS on desktop PCs and notebooks for more than 10 years. Linux is a great choice to me, because like most FOSS it values my privacy, it’s fun to use because of its customization options and because it is secure. Because it’s secure, right? If you thought you are better off with e.g Linux Mint than those Mac OS and Windows peasents beause of it’s superiority in terms of security‚Ķ well, just read this article by madaidan or watch this (German) talk by lubro. [Read More]

Tutorial: Installing OpenIPC on the Smartwares CIP-37210

Cat watching powered by FOSS

Warning Edit 2023-04-06: I recently found out, that a major part of OpenIPC called ‘majestic’ is not open source software, but is in fact closed source. There is a replacement called mini and I am going to test it and update this tutorial soon, but please don’t use this tutorial, if you are expceting open source software like I did. During my next vacation, I want to watch my cats remotely without streaming my home to an untrusted cloud. [Read More]

Ungoogle your Android phone

GrapheneOS and LineageOS

This article will not explain why you would want to avoid Google on your mobile phone, it will only talk about an approach on how to do it. And if you unironically think an iPhone is a suitable solution, please leave this blog. Overview When it comes to smartphones you have the choice between Apple and Google which means you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Luckily Android is based on the Linux kernel, which forces Google to comply to GNU GPL v2 for the Linux kernel modifications. [Read More]